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Label: Synthetic Shadows ‎– SS013
Format: Viniyl LP, Limited edition, Compilation
Italy - 2014 - Genre: Minimal, Synth-pop, New Wave

(A1) Fluxion - (A2) Fear Of Sin - (A3) Five Years Life
(A4) Goin' On Jot - (A5) Heart Isn't Room Enough - (A6) Body Hit (A7) To Lead The Van - (B1) News On New - (B2) City House (B3) (B3) Exit - (B4) Once Chance To Face You - (B5) Human Dicotomy - (B6) Auburn

Bass: Riccardo De Angelis - Drums: Giorgio Rimini
Guitar: Luca Collivasone - Keyboards, Vocals: Marco Casasco Artwork: Marco Mariani

Tracks A1-A7: studio tracks from "Retrospettiva" CD collection. - Tracks B1-B6: Demo Tape recorded between 1980-1981 on two track tape recorder at Reharsal Studio

Limited edition 400 copies

GEAR: LUCA COLLIVASONE Fender Musicmaster, FBT 20w amplifier Univox superfuzz pedal effect

MARCO CASASCO Korg MS20, Korg Polysix, Organizer Crumar roland tr808 drum machine programmer

GIORGIO RIMINI Maxwin drum, Multivox Electro Snare MX-57

RICCARDO DE ANGELIS a.k.a. DENJA Musicman stingray bass ‘77, Fender Precison fretless ‘78, Trace Elliot GP11, Lem 200w amplifier, Boss super chorus CH1 pedal effect.